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Kim (Edkins) Hoelscher is an artist that lives in Cape Town, South Africa.

By the age of 25 she had lost both her siblings and both her parents. The weight of the loss made her hide in the shadows for nearly 18 years. She has broken out of her cocoon and has found her voice again. This is the start of a new journey

Kimtsugi is a wordplay with Kintsugi a Japenese word for the art of mending broken pottery with liquid gold. These objects typically become more valuable after it has been mended again.

The art of Kintsugi taught me brokenness and imperfection is not something to hide but something to appreciate. It can be beautiful and valuable.

The songs on this album are a celebration of my brokenness, my healing, my coming out of hiding and finding my voice again. May the songs be like healing water, inspiring you to look at imperfections and brokenness in a different way.

Death Poem
by Kim Hoelscher

A personal poem about death and life.

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Vrouekeur, 23 March 2018
Magazine article

An inspirational journey about Kim's journey...


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